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06 May, 2010

Google Chrome is Fast!

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I’m not a Chrome user, but I’m a HUGE fan of this video.

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23 Dec, 2009

Al Franken Draws US Map from Memory

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He must have practiced this A LOT!

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17 Dec, 2009

“-All You Zombies-“

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Not sure how I’ve missed reading this in the past. But I’m so glad I found it. This has to be the most amazing time travel story I’ve ever read…. and it’s short! Read this, and then clean up the mess of your brain exploding afterward. “-All You Zombies-” by Robert A. Heinlein

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20 Nov, 2009

The Amen Break

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The Amen Break is a 5.2 second drum sample. Yet, these 5.2 seconds have spawned entire sub-genres of music – jungle, drum-and-bass. It also served to jump start early hip hop and sample-based music. The origin of the Amen Break goes back to a 1969 recording by The Winstons. The 4-bar sample comes from a […]

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02 Sep, 2009

Cash4Gold Sucks!

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Read this excellent article at the Consumerist about Cash4Gold, and their business practices. They also seem to like to sue people who write anything negative about them. So, if you want to send your gold to this company, and get about 10% of it’s actual melt value, go right ahead.

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