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30 Sep, 2008

Line Rider

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Ok, where have I been? I just discovered Line Rider today. At first, I thought it was a clone of Ski Stunt Simulator, but I found out it was more Etchisketch style, and focused on creative level design. It’s become more than just a web game, having spawned versions on the Nintendo DS, Wii, and iPhone […]

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30 Sep, 2008

Macro Photography Hack

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Have a nice D-SLR Camera, a Zoom lens (or something in the 100-105mm range), and a 50mm prime?  Jim Talkington posted a hack that can turn your equipment into an extreme macro photography setup. quick video 4, extreme macro photography trick from Jim Talkington on Vimeo.

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26 Sep, 2008

Rubber Legz

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BC One Breakdance Rubber Legz

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23 Sep, 2008

Macro Photography

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As you may be able to see from the Flickr Photostream, I like to dabble in photography. I recently have been shooting some macro photography. I’m not that great, but I was fairly happy with some of the results. If you want to see the best of the best- check out the amazing compilation of […]

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22 Sep, 2008

Musical Roads

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Have you ever driven over a bridge, tapped your hands to the beat of your tires hitting the ridges in the pavement? Well, apparently some people at Honda got tired of the rhythm and decided they wanted a melody. This was road was designed by Honda to promote the new Civic, and it located in […]

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18 Sep, 2008


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Shiftdelete proudly supports ASCII Art ASCII Art has a lengthy history, and has changed quite a bit over the years. Check out some color ASCII art of popular cartoon characters, or if you’re feeling creative, generate some of your own!

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18 Sep, 2008

Famous Savants

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I’ve always been fascinated by geniuses, especially prodigious savants. The Wisconsin Medical Society has profiles and videos on the world’s most famous savants, as well as general information about their conditions.

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17 Sep, 2008

Do you speak Cockney?

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“Allo me old china – wot say we pop round the Jack. I’ll stand you a pig and you can rabbit on about your teapots. We can ‘ave some loop and tommy and be off before the dickory hits twelve.” Have you ever heard a British person talk, and it totally doesn’t make sense? Well, […]

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16 Sep, 2008

When Spiders do drugs…

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15 Sep, 2008

Speaking of Ninjas…

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Have a black t-shirt? Then you can be a Ninja!

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