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06 May, 2010

Google Chrome is Fast!

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I’m not a Chrome user, but I’m a HUGE fan of this video.

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03 Jul, 2009

1801 Presidential Crypto Finally C®4Ck3d!

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A 200-year old encrypted message sent to Thomas Jefferson has finally been solved by Dr. Lawren Smithline, a 36 year old Harvard Alumni and professional cryptologist. The message was originally sent by Robert Patterson (not Pattinson, you Twilight freaks!), who was a mathematics professor at the University of Penn, and friend of Jefferson. In this […]

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25 Jun, 2009

Hidden Macbook Feature Discovered!

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12 Jun, 2009

Tilt-Shift Time Lapse Video of Tokyo

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Ok, with DSLR’s now cranking full HD video, this was bound to happen. A Canon 5DmkII, with a Tilt-Shift Lens, and some nifty Time Lapse / rotation techniques. The result is AMAZING. Be sure to click over to YouTube to watch in HD.

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31 Dec, 2008

Designing with Mood Boards

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I found a great article on Mood Boards, and why they matter, over at Webdesigner Depot. I have regretted not making these in the past for a few picky clients. They really could have been a huge time saver in the long run. The collage method can be done very quickly as well.

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18 Sep, 2008


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Shiftdelete proudly supports ASCII Art ASCII Art has a lengthy history, and has changed quite a bit over the years. Check out some color ASCII art of popular cartoon characters, or if you’re feeling creative, generate some of your own!

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