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01 Oct, 2008

Stormtrooper Hoodie by Marc Ecko

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If anyone is feeling generous, you should buy this for me! The “Star Wars Real Trooper Hoodie” By Marc Ecko features a hood that zips into a full mask, for all your stormtroopin’ needs! There is also a sweet Boba Fett version, but without the mask zip.

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30 Sep, 2008

Macro Photography Hack

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Have a nice D-SLR Camera, a Zoom lens (or something in the 100-105mm range), and a 50mm prime?  Jim Talkington posted a hack that can turn your equipment into an extreme macro photography setup. quick video 4, extreme macro photography trick from Jim Talkington on Vimeo.

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23 Sep, 2008

Macro Photography

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As you may be able to see from the Flickr Photostream, I like to dabble in photography. I recently have been shooting some macro photography. I’m not that great, but I was fairly happy with some of the results. If you want to see the best of the best- check out the amazing compilation of […]

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18 Sep, 2008


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Shiftdelete proudly supports ASCII Art ASCII Art has a lengthy history, and has changed quite a bit over the years. Check out some color ASCII art of popular cartoon characters, or if you’re feeling creative, generate some of your own!

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15 Sep, 2008

Speaking of Ninjas…

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Have a black t-shirt? Then you can be a Ninja!

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14 Sep, 2008

Make Your Own Snowflake

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Can’t take the summer heat? Why don’t you take a break and make your own SnowFlake! Very nice concept.

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11 Sep, 2008

30 Really Cool Photoshop Text Tutorials

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  Six Revisions has posted a series of some amazing Photoshop Text Tutorials. Some of these are very interesting, and others are just for fun (Bling). 30 Beautiful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

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08 Sep, 2008

Welcome to the NEW

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This is a total redesign, starting from scratch. So if you’re a long-time visitor, thanks for your patience. If you’re new – grab the RSS feed, visit often, and have fun! -Shiftdelete Team wreaking havoc, 2 keys at a time.

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