22 Sep, 2008

Musical Roads

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Have you ever driven over a bridge, tapped your hands to the beat of your tires hitting the ridges in the pavement?

Well, apparently some people at Honda got tired of the rhythm and decided they wanted a melody.

This was road was designed by Honda to promote the new Civic, and it located in Lancaster, CA.

Now, there is more to this story- Bad news, Good news, Bad news style.

Bad news- The road in Lancaster is scheduled to be paved over.

Good news- There are still at least 3 more “melody roads” inĀ Japan

Bad news- People drive over them so much, that the ridges are being worn down.

Only time will tell if any other companies will jump on this idea, but it’s not hard to imagine hundreds of cars driving to Disney World, all playing “It’s a small world” on the pavement. Maybe they can try some multi-lane harmonies!

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